Faced with the constraint of ‘paper’ checklists and the difficulty of controlling this information, EC2E has developed a fully customizable electronic verification solution. Our Check-Box allows automatic saving of the data entered, which can be consulted on demand and according to your needs!


Programming your checklists

A simple application allows you to personalize your lists of questions and assign them, if necessary, by type of material. You can manage your user and equipment databases and assign them the corresponding checklist. The transmission on the equipment is done via a simple USB key.

Retrieval of data in the form of a complete report

You retrieve the checklists entered as often as you wish, in the form of a complete report. Anomalies are highlighted and detectable at a glance thanks to a clear and logical color code.


Quick and easy entry of checklists

The Check-Box input box is tactile and waterproof. It allows the operator to identify himself and then check the status of the equipment, the data entered is automatically recorded and can be consulted on demand.