Lighting range


Our RED / GREEN / BLUE ARC  allows you to draw an ARC on the ground. Thanks to its unique glass lens, it allows to have a wide band but in addition to having a much higher radius.

Available in Red – Blue – Green


triangle LIGHT

This solution projects a warning triangle to allow pedestrians to be warned of the arrival of handling equipment. Thanks to its lens and the power of the LED, the triangle is clearly visible on the ground.


The SPOT is a safety element in its own right which allows you to project a point on the ground in front of the handling equipment. It encourages the attention of pedestrians in the warehouse and thus avoids collisions.

Available in Red – Blue



Solid and stable for guaranteed long-term durability. Possibility of lateral mounting for delimitation of ‘sensitive’ area around handling equipment.

Beam length on the ground : more than 15m of signaling with 1 light in front and 1 light behind ! 

Available in Red – Blue – Green

laser guide

The LASER GUIDE is simply positioned on the apron of your handling equipment to facilitate delicate handling. This solution will allow you to improve the safety and productivity of your site while reducing damage to goods!

Guide Laser

Thanks to our complete range, you will be able to equip yourself quickly and well with solutions that are easy to set up. These solutions can be reused on any type of material!