Latest addition to our access control range, the ESK M4 ® is a hardware monitoring solution based on an intuitive and complete web management platform. Whatever the type, brand or voltage of the machine, the ESK M4 ® allows you to have an overview of your activity at a glance (equipment, users, geolocation) and to remotely monitor the various features offered.

Complete automatic reports!

You automatically receive by email your detailed reports on the criteria you choose and can thus instantly optimize the management of your fleet!

  • Hardware hour meter

  • Use of materials per employee

  • User activity (in hours, by hardware, etc.)

  • Report of medium and severe shocks: by equipment, by user, by zone, etc.

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Plateforme de gestion

Simple and intuitive management platform

Accessible via a simple internet access, the management platform allows you to access the essential data of your fleet. You also automatically receive by email detailed reports of the criteria you choose and are alerted in real time of any anomalies:

  • Significant shock

  • Expired CACES

  • Expired driving license

  • Area exit

Monitor without moving

Thanks to the ESK M4 ® , it is possible to access the shocks suffered on the equipment. You can remotely define your own alert levels (low shock / high shock): as soon as a shock greater than or equal to the alert threshold is detected, an email will be sent to you automatically.

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Geolocate your equipment in 1 click!

The ESK M4 ® solution is capable of locating each of your equipment outdoors. The ‘geofencing’ function is also available: if you leave a predefined zone, an email alert is sent.

Quick and easy entry of checklists

The Check-box input box is tactile and waterproof. It allows the operator to identify himself and then check the status of the equipment, the data entered is automatically recorded and can be consulted on demand.