Horaflex is an intelligent box that allows the feedback of 2 key information: the hourmeter of the equipment and its GPS position.

This solution is particularly recommended for monitoring rental contracts. Indeed, theThe indicators provided make it possible to guarantee compliance with the contract entered into or its adjustment.

hour meter tracking: how does it work?

The ‘hour meter’ makes it possible to follow the use of equipment as closely as possible and to anticipate maintenance operations in order to limit repair costs, machine downtime and technician travel.

Geolocation: child’s play!

As an option, our Horaflex can geolocate equipment outdoors and thus guarantee its use in the area provided for in the contract. If you leave the zone, the ‘geofencing function’ allows you to be alerted in real time! Our solution also provides a cartography of the materials which makes it possible to manage their availability.

Plateforme de gestion

A management platform made for you!

Clear and complete, the management platform summarizes the information of your rental parks. Equipment equipped, customer user: find all the monitoring elements at a glance!