IPAS was designed to reduce the risk of collision between pedestrians and rolling vehicles in an industrial environment.

Smart proximity alarm!

IPAS is an intelligent safety solution that is a preliminary measure to accident prevention. Thanks to the bilateral alarm type, pedestrians and drivers can be informed of a dangerous situation by an audible and visual alert. The implementation of our solution helps to avoid work interruptions due to unforeseen accidents.


Safety assistance system

The IPAS can be configured in several ways depending on the type of environment (warehouse, mine, port, factory, plant, etc.). Multiple devices can be attached to a machine to maximize the safety zone.

PT (pedestrian tag)

When a pedestrian enters a warning / danger zone, his TAG is triggered by emitting vibrations and an audible signal.

flash light

When a vehicle enters a blind zone, the Flashlight recognizes the Vehicle Tag and alerts operators and pedestrians to the danger with a sound and light warning.


VT (Vehicle Tag)

A Vehicle Tag defines a protective bubble around the truck (1 to 30 meters depending on configuration). As soon as another Tag is detected in this area (pedestrian Tag, other vehicle Tag, Falshlight, etc.) an alert is activated to warn the operator of the imminent risk of collision.

crossway zt (tag area)

When several vehicles enter an intersection at the same time, the Crossway ZT detects the incoming Vehicle Tag and illuminates the LED spot on the ground with voice guidance to warn operators of the danger.